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Posted by: In: Business Management 19 Dec 2013 0 comments

Are you spending way too much time trying to identify and recruit new talent, check this out.

Yesterday, Tech Crunch blog posted an article with this headline: With $2.5 Million From Khosla Ventures, Pymetrics Launches A Game-Based Campus Recruiting Tool.




Pymetrics, seems to be the solution we were looking for.  Here is what it claims to do summarized in 10 bullet points.

  1. Game-based recruiting tool that promises better candidates evaluation, find them right careers and best companies for them
  2. Tool developed by 2 neuroscientists, from MIT and Harvard, after one of them saw how difficult it was for newly graduated students to find a job.
  3. Today recruiters rely on grades and tests; however, it rarely correlates with actual job performance of candidates.
  4. Pymetrics believed they could build better measurement tools for candidates’ cognitive and emotional abilities.
  5. It centers its evaluation on short and fast-paced games that candidates can take to assess things like organization, work ethic, or risk-taking judgment through items like identify the emotional expression on a person’s face or to quickly respond to a series of images that flash on the screen.
  6. Results are used by A.I to match candidates and careers with possibilities to point out the recommended companies based on what it knows about the corporate culture of different enterprise clients.
  7. Tested with good results on hedge funds, financial services companies, and big consulting firms.
  8. All students need to do if they’re identified as a top fit for certain companies is to opt-in and have their information shared with Pymetrics clients.
  9. For its launching they will make available to top universities for undergraduate and MBA programs
  10. Funds raised, led by Khosla Ventures, will be used to increase team with Ben Ling joining the company’s board, with participation of Bob Pittman, Jeff Hammerbacher, and Andy Palmer, and Terry McGuire of Polaris Ventures.

I played the games and it is kind of addicting. Let me know what your thoughts are about it!