Web Design

If you are planning on creating a new website and believe you are hiring an “SEO friendly” design, read this carefully. “SEO friendly” and “optimized” do not mean the same thing. We work with developers who produce “SEO friendly” websites but rely on the collaboration of SEO and usability professionals to design the website before editing the programming code and page layout. An “SEO friendly” website without SEO will not be found or offered as a result of Google search. We have put together the two specialties to offer you a really effective website, able to occupy the top positions in Google’s organic search rankings. But if you already have a good web designer who produces “SEO friendly” sites, talk to us. We can advise you on producing a genuine optimized website. Involving an SEO company in supporting the construction of your website is a smart decision. This will eliminate the risk of your new and beautiful website strangely not appearing on Google’s search results pages. It is much more time consuming to optimize an already built website than it is to optimize a website during its development process. The best practices of SEO web design and development involves much more than an attractive look.

Website Creation

Our development team specializes in websites:

  • Tailor-made for your business;
  • Simple and easy to navigate;
  • With attractive and ergonomic design;
  • Strategically planned around deep keyword research;
  • It contains codes, links, URLs and many other optimized elements that contribute to the improvement of its organic ranking.
  • We offer both WordPress and AMP website development

Site Hosting, Updates and Monthly Management

  • We offer hosting on high-end server cache in 165 data centers in 76 countries that reduces latency and time to the first byte, delivering content that is closer to your visitors
  • Integrated security services to defend against DDoS counter-attacks, data breaches and abusive bots, without compromising performance
  • Monthly updates of templates and plug-ins and software
  • Monthly content back-up of site plug-ins
  • Monthly tracking of your site’s positioning for your keywords in Google rankings
  • Corrective actions in the event of a drop in position
  • Monthly report monitoring Google Analytics
  • Elaboration and delivery of monthly report commented and with suggestions for improvements

IWS is committed to providing high quality service. We commit ourselves:

  • Listening to your needs;
  • Develop a design that matches your business;
  • Be honest and transparent – we will invoice you only for what has been agreed upon and transparently discuss any further developments and / or actions that require additional costs;
  • Being available – we will respond / return your calls and emails within business hours as soon as we can (usually on the same day);
  • Do our best to provide you the best ROI.