The Intelligent Web Solutions

Intelligent Web Solutions is a Business Consulting Company expert in Online Strategies, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce.

IWS is here to help your business succeed online. Our objective is to identify businesses with products and services which we can help leverage with our intelligent web solutions and for us to share in this new growth.

IWS is part of the ILS3 Group, which includes Consulting companies in Tourism, Online Business and Real Estate in Brazil.

ILS3 Group

  • ILSC – Intelligent Leisure Solutions Consulting – Brazil Business Liaison Services, and Consulting Services in Business, Tourism and Real Estate.
  • IRES – Intelligent Real Estate Solutions – Real Estate Brokerage Services in Brazil Specializing in Farm Land.
  • ITS – Intelligent Travel Solutions – Personalized Luxury Travel Services in Brazil and South America.
  • IWS – Intelligent Web Solutions – Online Business, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Consulting.
  • ICS – Intelligent Content Solutions – Content Creation, Web Copywriting and Translation Services.
  • IMRS – Internet Marketing Road Show – Internet Marketing Event and Training.
  • Sociallize – Brand Activation Technology for Social Media Interactions while Off-line.
  • Penta Partners – Technology Accelerator – Business Solutions and Services.

Competitive Advantages

Methodology and Business Model:

  • Results driven.
  • Knowledge Transfer to Client team.
  • Strong Digital Marketing Plans leading to significant ROI
  • Tested and Proven action plans applied to a company in the ILS group, Intelligent Travel Solutions.
  • Revenue model based on positive results achieved.
  • Expressive results in Search Marketing, SEO and SEM.


  • United Nations Ulysses Award for Innovation in Tourism – Long Tail Theory Applied – 2008
  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Thunderbird School of Global Management – 2010
  • SEBRAE Brazil Small Business Innovation Award – 2011


  • Qualita – Oracle Solutions Gold Partner – CRM, ERP, BI – Barcelona, Spain.
  • Setweb – Digital Planning Consulting, Digital Media, Social Media, Websites and Apps development.
  • Dinamize – Email Marketing, Social Monitoring and Online Chat Solutions – Porto Alegre, Brazil.